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Learn how to build various types of business websites, personal blogs, as well as eCommerce websites with the Online and Classroom-based WordPress course in Meerut by Begrids

The best thing about learning WordPress is that you can make a great career in it, start your own business, and become a freelancer too. This course covers everything from the basics and takes you to the advanced level of building a WordPress website.

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Master the Art of Creating a Website Without Coding with WordPress Course in Meerut

The WordPress platform allows you to create ecommerce with almost every type of website and blog without writing code or programming scripts. You can easily manage the content on the websites. It is a CMS (Content Management System) base that is used by more than 47% of the total websites.

Top brands like Microsoft, Tech Crunch, Sony Music, Mozilla, Spotify, and Toyota rely on WordPress. You can make a decent career by mastering WordPress with Begrids.

This is the best WordPress training course in Meerut that provides you with practical-oriented training. You will be working on real websites in travel, education, eCommerce, and other areas during the training.

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WordPress Training Course Syllabus in Meerut by Begrids

Introduction to WordPress

  • What are CMS and WordPress?
  • Server Installation (XAMPP Installation)
  • Install WordPress on Localhost
  • Dashboard Summary in WordPress
  • Install Theme in WordPress on Localhost

WordPress Pages, Posts, and Menu

    • How to create WordPress pages?
    • How to create a menu in WordPress?


  • Post Excerpt in WordPress
  • How to set any page as a Homepage in WordPress?
  • Blog page setup
  • Create a subpage in WordPress
  • Enable/disable option on WP page
  • How to publish a post on WordPress?
  • Set Posts Limit Per Page In WordPress
  • Approve, Edit, or Delete Comments in WordPress Post
  • How to Create a Custom Menu in WordPress?
  • How to create categories and add them to the menu?
  • Adding Child Category in WordPress

Setup Permalinks, Widgets, Site Logo

  • Change permalinks in WordPress
  • Change Logo & Website Title
  • Create Footer Section using the widget
  • Different types of WordPress widgets
  • Use Calendar widget
  • Use Category widget
  • Recent post widget

Setup Permalinks, Widgets, Site Logo

  • Change permalinks in WordPress
  • Change Logo & Website Title
  • Create Footer Section using the widget
  • Different types of WordPress widgets
  • Use Calendar widget
  • Use Category widget
  • Recent post widget

Most Useful WordPress Plugins

  • Add Visitor Counter
  • How to Schedule WordPress Posts?
  • Organize WordPress Media Library
  • Carousel slider in WordPress
  • Create a Mobile Responsive Menu
  • Hide Default Theme Mobile Menu in WordPress
  • Password Protect Page or Post in WordPress
  • Increase the WordPress Maximum Upload File Size
  • Duplicate Post in WordPress
  • Block Editor to Classic Editor
  • Recent Posts with Thumbnails
  • Custom Post Order in WordPress

Contact Form 7, Mail Configuration, and SMTP

  • Add Contact Form 7 in WordPress
  • Setup WP SMTP in WordPress
  • Add Radio Button in Contact Form 7
  • Add CheckBox in Contact Form 7
  • Add Select box or Dropdown List in Contact Form 7
  • Add File Attachment in Contact Form 7
  • Add a Date Picker Option in Contact Form 7
  • Display Contact Form 7
  • Redirection of Contact form 7 to a Thank You Page
  • Add Google Recaptcha to Contact form 7

Translate, WP Forms, and Other Plugins

  • Add Google Translate in WordPress
  • Add Google Maps in WordPress
  • Change or remove the Footer copyright text
  • Embed PDF on Your WordPress Website
  • Easily Hide Widget Title in WordPress
  • Change the Font Size in WordPress
  • Add Tables in WordPress Without Plugin
  • Open External Links in a New Tab
  • Add YouTube Video to WordPress
  • Add Video gallery in WordPress
  • Add Google Fonts in WordPress
  • Add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress Website
  • Add Facebook Comments on WordPress
  • Add Bing Map in WordPress
  • Add Privacy Policy in Footer Section
  • Disable Right Click On WordPress Website
  • Create Contact Form Using WP Forms Plugin
  • Redirection of WP Forms to Thank You Page
  • Add Call Now Button on WordPress

WordPress User Roles

  • Create Users & Roles in WordPress
  • Change Password in WordPress Dashboard
  • Reset a WordPress Password using phpMyAdmin
  • Create Other User Role Management System On WordPress Website

WPBakery Page Builder Plugin

  • Create Column Layouts With WPBakery
  • Edit Text Editor in WordPress with WPBakery
  • Add Text Heading with WPBakery
  • Add Image and Video With WPBakery
  • Add MAP with WPBakery
  • Adding Buttons With WPBakery
  • Adding Dividers
  • Adding Image Box
  • Adding Spacebar
  • Adding Tab designs
  • Adding Spacer
  • Adding Icons and Icon box
  • Adding Toggles
  • Adding Accordion
  • Adding Start Rating
  • Adding Social Icons
  • Adding Image Carousel and Slider
  • Adding Progress Bar
  • Adding Number Counters

WooCommerce Plugin for Creating eCommerce Sites

  • What is WooCommerce?
  • Install and Setup Woocommerce Plugin
  • Install WooCommerce Storefront Theme
  • Set Default Woocommerce Page
  • Create a Basic Page
  • WooCommerce Settings
  • Create First Product in WooCommerce
  • Setting up the Taxes in WooCommerce
  • Shipping Option in WooCommerce
  • Create Product Categories and Add Product Category to Menu
  • Filter Option on Product Page
  • Create Coupons with WooCommerce
  • Add Variable Product In WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Cart Page on a WordPress Site
  • WooCommerce Checkout Page
  • Add Cash on Delivery Payment Method in WooCommerce
  • Add RazorPay Payment Gateway in WooCommerce

Domain Name, Web Hosting, Making Website Live

All-One-All SEO Plugin

  • What is All-One-All SEO?
  • How to set up the All-One-All SEO plugin?

WordPress Projects (Practical)

  • How to design a Travel website on WordPress?
  • How to create an eCommerce Website on WordPress?
  • How to create a blogging website?
  • How to build a one-page WordPress website?
  • How to design an Education website on WordPress?
  • How to create a landing page?

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