Merchants are promoting and selling goods and services through the Internet.  The promotion (marketing) done through the Internet is called Digital Marketing.

Due to the increasing use of internet devices like computers and mobiles, the use of digital marketing is increasing daily.

Earlier, when the Internet was not so widespread, traders used to promote their goods or services through traditional methods such as holding posters, holding banners or cards, etc. to get more sales.

But ever since the internet has come to the people, all the traders or customers have seen that we can do our selling and buying comfortably on the internet.  So the traders thought why not promote their product or service through Digital Marketing?  As a result, in today’s era, whether it is a startup or a big company, everyone is giving priority to marketing their product or service only on the Internet.

All the traders and companies are promoting their business in a digital way because they are getting more profit from it.

Why is digital marketing necessary?

1. Targeted Reach

Before marketing the product and service, it should be known that who needs your services or products or who does not.  With this, through digital marketing, we will target only those people who want to take your services or products.  This gives more chances of selling the product.

2. No time limitation

If you promote your product or service through digital marketing, then you can show it to the customers anywhere at any time, because all this happens through the Internet, so whenever the customer is on the Internet, they can see the ads of your product.

3. Cost

The cost of marketing of any business should be less than the product, due to which the product will sell at a higher price and if the cost of marketing is less then you will get maximum profit in the business. So for this, digital marketing is such a medium through which you can do business marketing at a very low cost, which reduces the cost of marketing. Because the cost is very high in traditional marketing, like when you publish an advertisement in a newspaper or get an advertisement made from an advertising company, it costs the same as what you spend in digital marketing for a year. So you will get much more results than traditional marketing.

And through digital marketing, we can not only do our city, state country, but we can do it in many other countries as well.

Types of Digital Marketing

First of all, when we start doing digital marketing for a business, we start with planning.

We understand that who and where the people searching for information related to our business on Google, YouTube, and Social Media and what those people search for information by writing or speaking.

To do digital marketing, you have to follow the steps of the process given below.

1. Build a website

First of all, a website has to be created in which the visitor can see the information about our product or service and can buy the goods and services. because we should have a platform like this on the internet.

2. SEO

SEO is an important part of digital marketing, through this SEO ie Search Engine Optimization is required to bring more people to the website.

Crores of people ask their questions every day on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex, and some of them must be asking for information about your product or service.

Now to bring traffic to the website from the search engine, the website has to be made according to Google so that if any person searches for information related to your product or services on Google, then your website appears at the top and customers come to your website and take your product or service. Could

For that, you have to get your website page ranked in the list of search engines, for which you need SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

In Search Engine Optimization, you optimize the pages of your website according to Google’s Guidelines and also work outside the website and after some time traffic starts coming to your website.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing is a way where you make loyal customers, if you have 100 people in your email list and you have mailed information about any of your new services or products, then about 60-80 people will definitely see that mail through which your Visit the website and buy the products.

In email marketing, you add an email newsletter box on your website and whoever comes to your website and wants to stay connected with you, subscribes through it, so that they get added to your email list. And now you can mail them each of your new products. Due to this, he becomes your permanent customer.

4. PPC

Sometimes it happens that we do SEO and we get lead (business) through it, but if you want to increase more business then you can use PPC (Pay Per Click).

In this, we can run ads related to our products or services on Google. In this, Google shows the ads of your product on its partners or platforms (like YouTube, Google, and Google News).

For that, you can create ads related to your product or service by paying some money to Google.

5. Social Media Marketing

People also use a lot of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. So here also you can create a separate page related to your business and let your customers know about your products and you can also use these social media platforms Can be used. Customers can also be brought to your website through paid advertisements.

6. Video Marketing

On Youtube also people watch videos every day according to their choice for learning or entertainment.

By creating a business-related YouTube channel, you can inform customers about your products and also sell products and services through videos.

7. App Marketing

Today everyone has a smartphone.

In such a situation, by creating an app related to your business, you can deliver your product or service to the customers there as well.

8. Google Analytics

You are doing SEO but you should also know that how many visitors are coming to your website, which category of people are coming more, and from which platform more are coming.

You get all this information on Google Analytics, a platform of Google itself.

Here you can track the status of your website completely, which helps you a lot in doing new planning.