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Why You Should Learn Online Web Designing Training Course?

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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS  (Cascading Style Sheets) are the two major technologies used to create web pages. HTML structures the page for various devices and CSS provides layout and attractiveness to that structure.

As website design and development technology has advanced over the years, you now have more digital tools than ever before with unlimited options. Therefore, we aim to shape up inspiring students with in-depth training to meet the requirements of the IT industry and build a substantial foundation in web designing training by showcasing students with various projects.

We guide people from every background to change their lives through our career-oriented short-term courses. Our online courses are focused on college students and full/part-time employees.

online website designing course

Session 1

  • How Website Works?
  • What Is Graphic Design
  • What Are Design Software
  • What Is Logos And How Can We Design A Brand Logo
  • What Is Animation How To Create 2D, 3D Animation

Session 2

  • Basic HTML Tags
  • Hyperlink
  • Images
  • Form
  • Table

Session 3

  • Basic Use Of CSS
  • Formatting The Page With CSS
  • Understanding DIV
  • Make A Simple Website Using DIV/CSS
  • Creating Menu With CSS

Session 2

  • Learn To Use Tools Of Photoshop
  • Photo Editing
  • Photo Mixing
  • Creating Banners
  • Understand Filters
  • Create One Website Layout
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